All of my guitars are built with special attention not only to the construction process itself, but to what the wood that I am working on is telling me, my ears are used as well as my eyes in this most rewarding of careers.

I currently make guitars from Indian Rosewood, Madagascan Rosewood and Amazon Rosewood. The guitar tops are constructed from German Spruce, or Cedar.

My flamenco guitars are built to the same exacting standards as my classical guitars, but with the back and sides of Cypress. Traditional ebony pegs are available, these are hand turned by myself in my workshop.

All my rosettes are made from real wood and are designed by myself, to compliment the choice of tonewoods used on the guitar.

There is much debate in the industry on the internal bracing of a guitar, every week there seems to be a new"en vogue" design that everone is talking about.

It is my belief, that simplicity is best, the more elements to a design the more things can go wrong with it. I now utilize two main designs based around the traditional fan strutting system.

As every piece of timber is different, the design has to be "tweaked" so as to release the sound and utilize the wood to its full potential, thereby creating an instrument that packs a punch but equally remains responsive to the players touch, enabling both guitar and player to bring about the best in each other.

I french polish my guitars myself, I claim a bit of self indulgence here as it is one of my favorite stages in the making of a guitar. An oil finish is available too, but for back and sides only, as a "matted down" french polish is preferred for the top.

If you have questions about any of my guitars please do not hesitate to contact me